Patented Design

We designed Circuband from scratch so you could workout wherever you are - we succeeded in making one of the most versatile fitness products on the planet

Attachments Included

That's right! With every set we include handles, ankle straps, a door anchor, a bag and of course, the 32mm or 22mm band

Rated to 130kg

Each clip is super strong and can handle a lot of resistance so you'll be able to build muscle and strip away fat, fast

Rep it Out

Outdoors, indoors or on-the-go, Circuband can help you by joining you on your journey. It weighs a tiny 600g and is safe as carry-on luggage

Every Rep of the Way

100+ Exercises, a handy userguide and an online education course will ensure you can access the knowledge you need to succeed!

Used by the Best

Used by the Best! Circuband is used by thousands of people as well as Elite Athletes - just because it's so adaptable!

Booty Bands


Our Booty Bands are excellent quality and won't roll like those ones at K-Mart

Free Userguide

Every band has a userguide included so you'll know exactly how to use them.

Sustainably Packed

We ditched the plastic and now use paper to wrap the bands! No more yuck plastic to dispose of

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't love these bands you can send them back no questions asked.

Light Medium and Heavy

These bands come in Light, Medium and Heavy and are perfect for all abilities.

Tell us what you need

Wholesale available if you want to buy lots for group classes.

Who we are

Circuband isn't part of a big corporation, instead it was started by a Christchurch Family and a few close friends so that people can work out effectively wherever they were. To this day, the business is operated out of a small warehouse in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Coming from various backgrounds, including the Military and Professional sport, everyone involved knew that if they were to design a product it must be 3 things: Easy to use, actually work and not just be a gimmick and it also must be able to help everyone achieve their fitness goals, either personally, or professionally.

The load bearing capability is amazing first if all, allowing around 50-60kg of load to be placed on each hand or leg for workouts. Keep in mind, that this is what we called "variable resistance" which means that no matter who you are, how injured you may be or if you are an elite athlete in optimal condition, Circuband is right for you.

Our promise

Global Delivery

That's right, we can deliver to you wherever you are

Free support

Call us or send us an email anytime and we'll do our best to help you out

30 Day money back guarantee

We guarantee all our products. If you want to return it after 30 days there won't be any questions asked

B2C or B2B globally

Want to sell our patented products? Get in touch. There is no order too small or too big