Our Patented Circuband Design

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Circuband HiRez

The Circuband HiRez is our heavy duty, complete system. 32mm Band, Large Handles and Extra Strong Velcro Loops makes this our Flagship Product. What you get: 1 x 32mm Black...

premium products

Circuband LoRez

The LoRez or Low Resistance Circuband is our most versatile band we have due to it's size and weight.  The handles are designed to be used as a skipping rope...
Combo (LoRez + HiRez)

premium products

Combo (LoRez + HiRez)

The Circuband Combo has every tool you need to keep you looking and feeling your best. The pack contains 2 types of bands which are all interchangable within this system....


Circuband Strength Band 32mm

Pull-up assist, warm-ups, Accommodating resistance, this band covers it all! Made of 100% layered latex, these bands are incredibly strong. You can use our bands for assisted pull ups, dips...


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Introducing the
Bench Wrench


The Bench Wrench can also be applied to any Barbell for curls, deadlifts, overhead press and more

The Bench Wrench

Add 80lbs to your Bench Press using the Circuband System connected to our specialized Barbell Straps

Easy to Setup

Simply Adjust the Bands Length and Connect to the Barbell.

Easy Dropset

Once you Finish the Set, Simply Unclick and Rep out the Remaining Plate Weight