Circuband LoRez

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Circuband HiRez

Circuband HiRez

Combo (LoRez + HiRez)

Combo (LoRez + HiRez)

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The LoRez or Low Resistance Circuband is our most versatile band we have due to it's size and weight.  The handles are designed to be used as a skipping rope or lifting handles. The handles can also be taken off so that the buckles can be joined together to form a loop or to add ankle loops. This is perfect for not only squats and other exercises, but for sitting workouts when you are in the office or on a plane. Get yours today!

What you get:

1 x 22mm Band 

2 x Ankle loops 

2 x Handles

1 x Door Anchor

1 x Wristband

1 x Bag

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