The History of Circuband

Circuband isn't part of a big corporation, instead it was started by Dan Thomson, with the help if his two brothers and a few close friends to allow people to work out effectively wherever they were. To this day, the business is operated out of a small warehouse in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Coming from various backgrounds, including the Military and Professional sport, everyone involved knew that if they were to design a product it must be 3 things: Easy to use, actually work and not just be a gimmick and it also must be able to help everyone achieve their fitness goals, either personally, or professionally. 

What resulted was a patented product that no one else in the world sells. The load bearing capability is amazing first if all, allowing around 50-60kg of load to be placed on each hand or leg for workouts. Keep in mind, that this is what we called "variable resistance" which means that no matter who you are, how injured you may be or if you are an elite athlete in optimal condition, Circuband is right for you. 

The second major feature is that the band can be adjusted in length. It can also be used in a length or doubled up into a closed loop. This gives the user unrivaled access to their perfect resistance. It also allows them to gauge progress through seeing the length of the band and seeing if the exercise was harder than yesterday. 

The third feature is the attachments. The ankle loops, handles and door anchor all come in your set. This allows you to complete your workout anywhere. It also gives you the ability to use it in conjunction with other products like a bar bell, dumbbell or whatever as it can basically be attached to anything. 

We've sold thousands of these products now and they have been proven across 25 countries and in markets from professional sports to rest homes. 

We'll continue to keep innovating and striving to change the world by providing the latest, smartest and cost-effective technology we can. Our mission is to make this world a fitter, stronger place and so far we think we are succeeding.