Why Use Bands

Why use bands?

Bands are now used by all the best trainers and athletes in the world...Why? They allow us to work in all 3 planes simultaneously, can assist or resist movement, encourage more eccentric loading, have a variable resistance that keeps the neuro-muscular connections guessing, are low impact, make our muscles work in groups, train the lock-out, can bring force from any direction, can be used in infinite ways and can stabilise and destabilise any movement depending on the desired training outcome. They can also can be used to increase power, teach our bodies to be faster , stronger and more versatile. 

The negative? They can't be measured. Latex is notoriously hard to measure because of a changing length/tension relationship. Bands break down over time, they come in different sizes, brands, materials and the manufacturing process demands that they come in loops, making them less versatile. 

Circuband has changed all of this. We have invented a system which first and foremost allows us to control the length of the band without changing form or being governed by the space available to you. We added attachment options based on real world need that are designed to give trainers unrivaled specificity to ensure that we are training the muscle and the connections that run them. These attachments are also designed to be heavy duty and can be used on any machine irrespective of the environment. Lastly, we give you the option to work within the closed loop as well. All this to ensure that the trainer or individual has no limitations besides their own abilities and imagination.