The Product Itself

Circuband has gone through many refinements that has enabled us to be very proud of what I have so far accomplished. Every component that Circuband supplies will have gone through testing to the point of destruction.

A Circuband consists of 3 key components that come together and work in unison.

The Band: Each band has a set length of 208cm and thickness of 4.5mm. The change in resistance of these types of bands comes from the width variance i.e the thinner they are, the less resistance they provide. Bands come in many widths such as: 10mm, 22mm and 32mm. 

The Buckles: Each set of bands and each set of handles comes with matching and adjoining plastic, side-release buckles. The buckles allow the length of band to form a closed loop, attach the handles, and adjust the length of the band. 

The Handles:  These can be utilised in several ways: A skipping rope handle, a door anchor or an exercise handle.


Circubands for Strength Training :  Most people who lift weights will tout the greatness of free-weights as the best mass builder. While free weights are great, resistance bands can have their place as well. In the past, resistance bands have gotten a bad name as they became seen as only for middle-aged women doing some aerobic workout with 5 pounds of resistance.

Some distinct differences in resistance bands can make them useful to anyone, especially those who will be away from any gym for a while or just beginning.

There are several advantages to using resistance bands. The first and most obvious advantage is how much more versatile they are compared with free weights. There is also a mechanical advantage in resistance bands that resistance is maintained through every part of the motion while many similar free weight exercises are actually non performing work during parts of the lift when movement isn't against gravity at a large enough angle. Supplementation of a weights programme can also be achieved via super sets, negative lifts or adding resistance to body-weight exercises.


With resistance band training, every part of both the concentric and eccentric part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation. The downside to resistance bands are that you can't really perform near maximum lifts. Circubands have a tensile strength of around 60kg for each handle. However, that 60kg can go a long way when the idea is to give the stabilising muscles a chance to grow and develop. For anyone looking to replicate 60 kilogram lifts with a resistance band we would recommend using stationary machines that are built to accommodate that kind of force. However, for the majority of programs, the Circuband can contribute greatly to muscle and strength development.

The Future: Most Bands Cannot be Measured...until now

We have prototypes available that contain a Bluetooth sensor that we call the MyoTracker. It accurately measures the force output of the band, can set thresholds for each rep of any movement, can track rep count, set count and allow us to review the power development of any exercise by multiplying the max force produced by metres/second covered. You cannot do this with any other single piece of equipment.  Variable Power is something that we believed will be soon measured akin to how we prioritise Velocity Based Training. Tracking how fast an athlete can increase power from 60lb to 100lbs is something that we believe to be very important for the modern-day athlete.

This is only possible because our bands are adjustable. Our bands with sensors will have neutral zones for the anchor point so as to maintain constants and parameters that allow the different algorithms in the app to work. As the length of the band changes, out app can be changed too, respecting that ever important change in length and tension so we can get the most accurate load readings possible.

It will allow us to monitor resistance training from anywhere for the first time including in contexts like physical therapy, high performance, home fitness, group fitness and prescribed fat loss. This technology will also change movement screening as we know it as it can monitor and collect data on any specific exercise or movement.