This is Nick Thomson from AsassIn Fitness and one of Circuband's creators. About 6 months ago Nick started using Circuband's unique system to supplement his existing training routine and immediately started seeing the results. Through low impact resistance training with Circuband, he was able to reduce recovery times from workouts and work muscles that were otherwise difficult to isolate.


With a maximal load of around 60kg each handle, Nick had unprecedented access to a large variety of muscle building and fat burning exercises wherever he was. Nick is also a professional rugby player and whether it was a sevens tournament in Rome or a bus to the next town, Nick's muscles were in a state of constant readiness helping to reduce the chance of injury and optimise performance.


This system is highly affordable, long lasting and anybody can benefit because of the ability to easily adjust the length of the band, thus altering the resistance. This allows the user to choose the type and intensity of each movement.


Whether you are like Nick or just starting your exercise journey, Circuband will help you achieve your goals and have you on your way to a healthy and active lifestyle. You could be at home, at work or on a walk around a lake on a summer’day. Whoever, Whenever and Wherever, Still Train with Circuband.