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Core Suspension

Use the Circuband for Suspension Training and take your Core to new levels.

Use with Weights Equipment

Maximize your sessions with Circuband by adding Variable Resistance to your weights.

For Every Body

The Circuband is perfect for everyone from the High Performance Athlete to our 92 year old Nan. Just adjust Circuband to your preference.

Build Muscle

Circuband gives you all the Resistance you need to Burn Fat and Increase Muscle .

Designed for Use Anywhere

From the House, Hotel, Plane or Park, take Circuband with you to stay in shape.


Use Circuband to Get you back to your Best - Then Train to Exceed Your Best. All with the same System

Fully Adjustable

Crank up the intensity! Circuband uses a heavy duty, double adjustable buckle that lets you adjust your resistance for any exercise between 1 and 60kg.

Multiple Attachments

In Every Pack you Receive a Set of Handles, Velcro Straps, a Door Anchor and your Hirez or LoRez Band and everything is built to last, period!

Two in One

Click Circuband into a loop for your assisted pull-ups or resisted press-ups. You can also Unclick Circuband and add the attachments to access 100's of other exercises.

How Circuband Works

Why you need a Circuband

Circuband can work for literally everybody. The reason why Circuband is so adaptable is because the resistance is generated by the Elastic Band. The longer or thinner the band, the easier it is.

We recommend that if you are already pretty fit you should challenge yourself and get the HiRez Band which is thicker. Otherwise just go for the LoRez or Ezirez.

Resistance Levels per Handle

HiRez (High Resistance) 2→60kg
LoRez (Low Resistance) 0.5→50kg
EziRez (Easy Resistance) 0→30kg
Similar Products 0→30kg

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